Become a Host Family

Newquay English School offers the best rates in Newquay to host families. This is because we believe the host families are the most important aspect for our foreign students, therefore we offer the highest remuneration rates in the town.

We are constantly searching for new families for our students, above all during the summer months.  If you are interested in hosting we´d love to talk with you.

We have a huge variety of people who apply to be host families for many different reasons. There is no standard family profile, every family is different. We have large families, single parents, retired pensioners and couples with or without children. All our families make fantastic hosts and offer an exceptional experience for our students.

All we require you to do is to meet and greet the students every day, give them a nice breakfast and evening meal, a clean house and a friendly environment.

Our current host families have all had an extremely rewarding experience hosting a large selection of international students.

Many have even visited them in their home countries and developed relationships that´ll last a lifetime.

For more info and to get involved, please send us an email at